Design Your Own Co-ordinating Rugs, Mats and Runners

Design Your Own Co-ordinating Rugs, Mats and Runners

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rugHave you ever had a beautiful new carpet fitted and thought what a waste to throw away all of the leftover pieces and offcuts? They can often be used here and there maybe inside closets or enclosed spaces, but as they fray around the edges they can look untidy if on show. These unwanted pieces are often discarded or stored in a loft or cupboard until long after the carpet they came from has been replaced.
At Harley Carpets we can provide a carpet binding or whipping service, meaning you can put any of your left over carpet to good use! You can even choose carpet from our range and we will transform it into bespoke mats, rugs or runners in the size and shape you desire. Or if you wish, we can also apply carpet binding to your existing rugs and mats.

You can choose from a selection of 16 edging styles, designs and widths to perfectly match and co-ordinate with your décor. Design your own stair runner for an individual look, or create your kitchen mats, bedside rugs or unique bathroom sets. The list is endless!

Extra pieces of carpet are perfect for protecting your new carpet in heavy traffic areas like near entrance doors. They can be placed in front of your washing machine to keep clean washing from coming into contact with the floor when being remove d. This high quality carpet binding service is ideal, supplying co-ordinating rugs and mats for homes, conservatories, caravans and anywhere else.

We offer:-

  • Carpet Whipping – Edging with 80% woollen yarn.
  • Narrow Tape Binding – A subtle, colour co-ordinated edge.
  • Cotton Binding – Linen, cotton, hessian tape or your own preferred tape.
  • Linen Borders – Looks great used with low pile carpets such as seagrass, sisal and coir.
  • Sisal Binding – Herringbone design tape, beautiful on natural flooring.
  • Easybind – Rope style edging in a variety of 23 colours.
  • Faux Leather or Suede Edging – Chic and effective.
  • Carpet Fringing – Classic and Traditional.

To put your left over carpet to good use at the same time as making a dynamic design statement in your home, use our competitively priced carpet binding service. Call us at Harley Carpets on 01277 224015

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