SEBO Vacuum Cleaners

SEBO Vacuum Cleaners – Anti-Allergy, Upright, Cylinder, Domestic & Professional

Extremely high quality, ergonomic design and consistent reliability, describe the SEBO range of award winning vacuum cleaners manufactured in Germany. The name SEBO is synonymous with energy efficiency and ground breaking technology which is why these products are so popular. This leading brand has come top time and again, in surveys carried out by consumer magazines like WHICH?, Ideal Homes and Good Housekeeping.

Not only do they demonstrate outstanding levels of performance when it comes to suction and filtration, they feature an anti-allergy design. SEBO vacuums were the first to achieve British Allergy Foundation endorsement making them a household name. These vacuums cover a wide range of specific needs and are available as upright, cylinder, domestic and professional. Tough and powerful, yet gentle on carpets and incredibly user friendly the SEBO range of vacuums has the ideal product for your home.

Award Winning Reliability & User Friendly, Ergonomic Design

Designed with exceptional care and attention to detail the SEBO selection of vacuums provide a versatile cleaning solution for every requirement. They are comfortable and convenient to use, and suitable for every type of flooring including cut pile carpet, wool loop pile carpet and hard and delicate floors. They have a sleek, ergonomic design making them a dream to use, and SEBO machines have received accolades from carpet manufacturers, consumer magazines and surveys alike across the board.

SEBO have a long history of thinking outside the box, producing solutions like the first upright vacuum with an on-board hose in 1978. Advanced engineering has ensured that this manufacturer are leaders in their field. Each product is thoroughly tested before leaving the factory, so any problems are extremely unlikely. SEBO cylinder vacuum cleaners have streamlined castors, comfort handles and airbelt bumpers. Carefully crafted to be user friendly while protecting your floors and furniture etc.

Powerful Performance, SEBO Automatic X Series, Eco Friendly, Innovative Vacuums

The Automatic X series of SEBO vacuums includes the Automatic X4 Extra Eco which not only gives superb results whatever the environment, but as with the other Automatic X models, features a smart computer control system ensuring that the brush is always at the correct height when in use. In the case of a blockage, damage to the machine is prevented as the motor is automatically shut down. Maintenance of the product is simple thanks to practical additions like cassette style brush roller removal and an integrated wand for extended reach. Stair cleaning is hassle free with the extended reach hose system too as these vacuums offer professional quality for your home.

State of the art design means that SEBO blend factors such as efficient air flow, smart technology and unequalled levels of performance, making the SEBO Automatic X range a force to be reckoned with.

Versatile & Functional SEBO Felix Pet Eco

Another innovative vacuum solution from SEBO is the Felix range, which brings uncompromising action along with remarkable functionality. With superior manoeuvrability, this clever vacuum selection has a rotating neck and ultra low profile head. Steer around and underneath furniture, and in and out of rooms with minimum effort for swift, effective cleaning.

Able to clean any floor, the Felix Pet Eco, is a particular favourite within this range, incorporating ultra high F-9 filtration, activated charcoal odour filtration and a Stair and Upholstery Turbo Brush. Harley Carpets have a display model in store, and invite you to hurry along, have a go, and chat about the outstanding SEBO range we offer.