Cloud 9 High Quality Underlay from Industry Leaders Ball & Young

The whole feel of a new carpet underfoot is wonderful, and high quality underlay takes the experience to a new level! Harley Carpets are delighted to offer our customers premium underlay giving years of unequalled performance. The extensive Cloud 9 collection comes from ward winning underlay manufacturers Ball & Young. This specialist brand has built an impressive reputation among flooring professionals, and continually wins flooring industry awards.

Underlay is essential if you want the very best results in comfort, performance and an extended life for your carpets. It can enhance carpets and laminate flooring, hide sub floor imperfections and provide thermal and noise insulation properties. An exceptionally soft, springy and luxurious carpet is often due to superior underlay.

Award Winning Premium Underlay for Carpet, Wood & Laminate

Cloud 9 has a product to suit every type of flooring in the home or business, whether carpeting a living room, hallway office or any other space. You will also find the perfect solution for wood and laminate flooring or underlay that works well with underfloor heating.

Innovative design means features like heavily stitched backing to prevent over stretching, allowing the underlay to retain its shape. This ensures stability and strength for optimum usability and a professional finish. Renowned for its ground breaking thermal and sound properties, products like the Cloud 9 Cumulus boasts a 3.1 tog rating. This delivers not only added warmth and comfort, but a probable reduction in fuel bills. A 43db sound insulation means a quieter, more relaxing environment.

Cloud 9 underlay is eco-friendly and recyclable, manufactured to the most exacting UK standards. Antimicrobial technology is at work here too, as this underlay range has built in Ultra-Fresh Protection, avoiding the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Axfelt TripleLayer Luxury Underlay From Axminster

The name Axminster is renowned internationally and associated with premium quality flooring products. Their Axfelt TripleLayer luxury underlay has been created as a perfect partner to their gorgeous carpets. Comprising of a wool felt topping, mixed material centre layer and a rubbercrumb bottom layer. This provides an ideal foundation capable of preventing wear and tear for many years. Like other market leading makes of underlay Axfelt has an outstanding record when it comes to thermal qualities and sound insulation.

Cleverly fashioned from 100% recycled materials like rubber tyres and old carpets, Axfelt Triple Layer Underlay is a sustainable, eco-friendly product. It is itself recyclable too, reducing landfill site impact in the UK. Its three layer make up allows it to be 100% recycled as the top layer is wool, middle layer is recycled carpet and cloth, and its base consists of rubber from tractor and lorry tyres. This is a fairly unique concept, as many similar products only have two layer construction. One benefit of this extra layer is that it helps with crush recovery, bouncing back into shape. Its design also creates a velcro effect between the underlay and the carpet, so that the latter stays in place.

High Performance, Durable Underlay, Thermal & Noise Reduction Properties

Carpet installers with many years experience advise to stick to Axfelt underlay for best results when laying Axminster carpeting. Axfelt is incredibly popular, and ideal for areas prone to heavy foot traffic such as hallways and stairs. This is one reason it is frequently chosen for use in commercial applications, where functional beauty is the key.

Harley Carpets offer a choice of top quality underlay from leading brands at pocket friendly prices. We supply a carefully selected range based on customer feedback, ring us for more information or a quote on 01277 224015. Please note that if not in stock some underlays may take 7-10 days to reach you.