Carpet & Flooring Accessories

We also have an extensive range of accessories to complement your new purchase.

Carpet & Flooring Protection Mats

Help to keep your carpets and floors clean with an excellent range of heavy-duty mats and a superb range of indoor washable cotton mats ideal for absorbing the maximum amount of moisture.

Sebo Vacuum Cleaners & Accessories – Official Stockist

We are also official stockists of Sebo ( vacuum cleaners and accessories, generally regarded in the carpet industry as the best vacuum cleaners you can find. To order online, please go to Contact Us.

Carpet & Solid Flooring Anti Slip Products

Finding a product to stop your rug from ‘creeping’ or slipping on your carpet or solid floor has never been easy. We have a good selection of tried and tested anti slip products to ensure that your rugs stay in place.

Carpet Stair Rods

You’ve chosen a beautiful carpet runner for your stairs – now you want to complete that individual look with a carefully crafted stair rod ( – we have a fine range of rods which come in a variety of finishes. Price includes brackets, screws and delivery.

Stainshield, Allergyshield & Stain Protection

Stainshield offers a highly resistant invisible shield for your carpets and upholstery, making spills and stains easier to remove. Stainshield does not affect the colour, texture or fire retardant properties of your carpet or rug. Stainshield enables stains to be easily mopped up and dried stains are more easily removed. Independently tested in Switzerland, and proven to achieve outstanding oil and water repellency, Stainshield includes the addition of ACTIGARD Allergyshield. This protects your environment from dust mites, fungal mould and bacteria, which exacerbate allergies. Allergyshield enables you to use carpets in areas of your home where you would otherwise select laminate flooring, possibly because of allergies in the family.

When applied to new or freshly cleaned carpets or furnishings, ACTIGARD will eliminate any existing infestations, and create a barrier between contaminants like bacteria, mould and mites, and your living area. This barrier effectively cuts off and blocks the 'food chain' conditions needed to encourage development of these undesirables. This comprehensive protection system will permanently resist normal daily maintenance and dry cleaning programmes.

Other Carpet & Flooring Accessories

Our Further Range of Carpet & Flooring Accessories Includes:

Amtico Floor cleaner, dresser and dressing remover.

Felt Gard – felt pads and castor cups to protect floors and carpets from furniture scratches and dent marks.

Stikatak – a wide range of accessories stocked including carpet stain remover, laminate floor cleaner, flooring adhesive remover, single and double-sided sticky tape, floor edgings and radiator pipe tidies.

Vinyl Carpet Protector – washable, to protect your carpet from the muddiest of boots.

Plus – a wide range of wood floor refreshers, sealers, cleaners etc


We stock Duralay Underlays such as Super Duralay Mark 3, Kensington De Luxe, Zest and Durafit 600.

Plus – a wide range of wood floor refreshers, sealers, cleaners, gripper rods, door strips and adhesives