Seagrass & Jute as Flooring Options

Seagrass & Jute as Flooring Options

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We all know the wonder of nature’s colours which range from muted neutrals to vibrant greens, pinks and reds. How we bring them into our homes can make all the difference, creating a wonderfully relaxing and welcoming living environment. Amongst our collection you will find Seagrass carpets, a beautiful fibre that is sourced naturally and skilfully woven. Originating from Vietnam and China, Seagrass is less susceptible to water damage than many natural fibres. It can lift a room with it’s individual rich texture, and add a unique edge.

Ideal for either wall to wall carpet or as bespoke rugs, Seagrass flooring from Harley carpets is manufactured by names like Alternative Flooring. This carpet manufacturer is a favourite of Sophie Robinson, interior designer and TV Interiors expert, who loves natural carpet fibres in her home. She has her own distinctive style of décor, into which natural fibre carpeting fits perfectly.

Another popular choice of the discerning home owner is Jute carpets or rugs to bring nature into the home. As with Seagrass, Jute’s environmentally friendly credentials are impeccable being sustainably grown and fully biodegradable. It has also been grown with scant use, if any, of pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers.

Jute differs from Seagrass in that it is a flowering plant, mostly cultivated in the monsoon climate of the Ganges Delta. The fine fibres are harvested and soaked in water for weeks which helps with processing. These fibres eventually make a carpet that is soft and great for light areas like bedrooms. Jute, known as the ‘Golden Fibre’, is often more affordable than some natural flooring options due to production costs being quite low. Regular vacuuming is recommended too, in order to keep your natural fibre carpets and rugs beautiful. For a carpet that is homely, comfortable and the ideal choice for a low use room, Jute is the one. We source our natural fibre carpets and rugs from major names like Alternative Flooring, Crucial Trading and Fibre Flooring.


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