Give your Home the Star Treatment with Practical & Attractive Flooring

Give your Home the Star Treatment with Practical & Attractive Flooring

Carpets, Rugs, Laminate Floor & Quality Vinyl Flooring

karndeanThere are many people who cannot decide between carpet, laminate or tile flooring when decorating or redesigning their home. Carpet is wonderfully luxurious, and comes in all kinds of fibres and materials, and in many designs, colours, patterns and weaves. But cleaning stains and spills is always a concern unless the carpet is specially treated or a quality carpet cleaner is used. Carpet may also sometimes be a little warm in the heat of summer. Laminate flooring, while being highly practical, easier to clean and looking smart and tidy, can seem cool and bare unless accentuated by an attractive rug. Tiles are a popular and beautiful floor covering, they are long lasting and fairly robust. They do not however, retain heat very well and would probably necessitate underfloor heating installation, adding to the already significant price.

One solution which has most of the advantages and none of the disadvantages of these flooring solutions is vinyl flooring. Harley Carpets are specialists in the supply of a vast range of exciting and versatile flooring, including vinyl flooring to suit every taste and pocket. Easy to keep clean and comfortable to walk on, our vinyl flooring options are virtually indistinguishable from wood or stone. We choose only the most sought after names in vinyl floor coverings such as, Amtico, Vusta and Karndean. With these products you will truly be spoilt for choice, and Harley carpets ensure our prices are extremely competitive. For information or to enquire about any of our quality products please call us on 01277 224015

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