Stunning Flooring from Natural Fibres

Stunning Flooring from Natural Fibres

Unique Natural Sisal Flooring, Tough & Attractive Naturally Sourced Carpeting

Many home owners are looking for an alternative to man made carpets in order to have a more sustainable home environment. Natural fibre carpets and rugs, such as those made from sisal, coir, seagrass and jute are increasingly the flooring of choice. They deliver an impressive modern solution, and are as practical as they are attractive. Each has it’s own character and advantages, as well as points to consider, before deciding.


Sisal is fashionable, stylish and hardwearing, making it a great choice for areas of heavy foot traffic. Stairs are also a good application for this flooring, as it provides a good degree of grip underfoot. Team with a contrasting border on hallways and stairs, and you will get stunning and eye catching results. We source our natural carpets and flooring from major names in the business to ensure quality. These include Crucial Trading, Alternative Flooring and Fibre Flooring who all produce an excellent range of high quality natural fibre carpets and rugs.


Coir has been a firm favourite for many years when it comes to sustainable flooring, and originates from the husk of coconuts. In fact it has been walked upon for centuries, and like sisal, offers a strong, functional and aesthetic option. Coir is tightly woven, coarse, and also resistant to wear and tear, although bathrooms and kitchens should be avoided. This is due to the fact that no natural fibre carpeting performs at it’s best where there is likely to be permanent moisture or spills.

An adhesive underlay will allow a smoother more even surface and will help the carpet to last longer. Some other good reasons to use underlay include improved heat and sound insulation, meaning lower bills! These natural carpets are on trend and receive minimal chemical processing. They also repel insects, and are low maintenance generally requiring just regular vacuuming. Floor coverings like sisal and coir bring a wonderfully rustic yet contemporary feel to your home that you will love.

Versatile Bespoke Coir Carpets & Rugs, Beautiful & Functional, Intricate Weaves

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