6 Reasons to Have a Rug in Every Room

6 Reasons to Have a Rug in Every Room

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It probably hasn’t escaped you that a room that includes a lovely thick rug, gives off a feeling of luxury. Rugs sometimes seem like an afterthought when people design their rooms, but those who know about interior design seldom leave out these vital components. The humble rug has so many important functions that you have probably never even considered, and is certainly not a pointless addition. A versatile multi-tasker, a rug can effortlessly transform the most plain, characterless room into a welcoming, stimulating or relaxing environment.

Top reasons to include a rug wherever you can are: –

1. Complimentary Colours

A carefully chosen rug can pick out and echo the main colours in your decorating scheme, or be used within neutral surroundings to add a splash of vibrancy. You can divide a room into separate spaces using placement of rugs or change the mood of a room.

2. Fancy a Change

You can swap your rug for a completely different effect whenever you wish, perhaps thinner brightly coloured rugs for the summer and sumptuous deep pile in rich shades for the winter. This allows you to clean the one that’s not being used.

3. Enhance Wooden Floors

Wooden floors can look a little bare, dark and cold, but a rug can change all this, adding warmth and bringing a fresh new perspective.

4. Wide Variety of Designs

There is an almost limitless selection of colours, patterns, shapes and styles of rug, all of which will add character and a focal point to your room.

5. Keep Your Home Clean

Rugs placed inside an entrance doorway have an important role, as they help to keep your home clean. Welcome mats provide a tough, hardwearing place to wipe shoes while greeting visitors.

6. Safe Floors

A secured long runner placed in the hallway can be useful to limit slips and falls by young children or elderly relatives. They also offer cushioning for knees and elbows should the worst happen.

These are just a few of the advantages that rugs bring to your home, so take a look at the wide range from major names offered by Harley Carpets.


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