Innovative Carpet Recycling

Innovative Carpet Recycling

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carpetCarpet recycling has meant that in the UK, the percentage of waste carpet which is now diverted from landfill is around 38%. This is a very encouraging figure and one which reinforces the sustainability message. Customers of Harley Carpets have welcomed the scheme with open arms, many commenting that they are very happy not to be contributing to landfill. They can now re-carpet their home with a clear conscience knowing that they are helping to reduce greenhouse gases.

Flooring suppliers have also been quick to adopt the carpet recycling concept, recognising that apart from the environmental benefits, recycling is a positive move for any business. Customers are assured that they are dealing with a responsible and reputable company, who are committed to a sustainable solution. At Harley Carpets our Kenburn Carpet Crusher has been very busy transforming old unwanted carpet into compact bales ready to be recycled.

With 400,000 tonnes of carpet waste being dumped in UK landfills, steps had to be taken to combat the situation. Efforts to promote zero-waste-to-landfill have been extremely successful across the board, and have prompted a number of related schemes, for instance by companies who use profits from recycled products to tackle homelessness.

Some people have thought of alternative ways to reuse their unwanted carpets, like donating them to their local animal rescue shelter. Clean pieces of carpet can be used in kennels to provide comfort and warmth to the animals, especially in winter. Wool rich carpets also come in handy for keeping down weeds on allotment paths and plots. It can also insulate soil or compost heaps in winter, so if you don’t have your own allotment you could check with the nearest one to you, and see if they would use it. You can place a piece of carpet on your car windscreen overnight in winter to keep frost at bay and save you time defrosting it before your journey. You can line a pond with unwanted carpet, or keep it in the attic as extra insulation. These are just a few suggestions, and there are several other ways to utilise or donate your unused carpets.

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