Vinyl Recycling

Recofloor Vinyl Take-Back Scheme

Recycling may seem like a fairly new concept, but has in fact been a part of the historic landscape since before 400 BC. Evidence shows that Byzantine glass was recycled in Sugalassos [modern day Turkey]. Bronze coins were turned into statues by the Romans, and during wartime, metals were melted in order to produce weapons and other necessities. In the past, recycling has usually represented a response to economic factors, which are still relevant today.

With each household in the UK producing at least 1 tonne of rubbish per year, and most ending up as landfill, efforts to re-use or recycle wherever possible have become a prominent part of everyday life. Recycling has benefits like:

  • Protecting the environment and reducing global warming
  • Preserving wildlife and its habitat
  • Reducing pollution
  • Freeing up landfill by reducing waste
  • Saving energy and money
  • Creating jobs

Recycled Vinyl Flooring & Eco Friendly Processing of Waste Materials

As an increasing number of people become aware of the need for recycling, questions begin to emerge about things we have always taken for granted. One of these relates to our flooring, and what happens to it once it has outlived its purpose. You can read about our commitment to carpet recycling and our investment in a high performance bailer here, but what about unwanted vinyl floor coverings? It is estimated that 90,000 tonnes of vinyl flooring is laid per year in the UK, and we produce over 54,000 tonnes of waste vinyl flooring.

The Recofloor Take-Back Scheme ensures that most waste vinyl flooring does not find its way to landfill sites, and instead is utilised as new flooring or in the manufacture of traffic management products. The Recofloor scheme demonstrates an exceptionally eco friendly ‘closed loop’ recycling solution. Unwanted or excess vinyl is recycled into new vinyl flooring, and when finished with, can again be turned into new flooring.

Collection of Unused or Uplifted Vinyl to Manufacture New Flooring and other Products

This multi award winning initiative was the brainchild of flooring manufacturers Altro and Polyflor who also fund the take-back scheme. Managed by Axion Consulting Ltd, who are leaders in the field of resource recovery, the scheme stresses certain stipulations about what can be accepted.

Clean vinyl and safety flooring offcuts, old stock and roll ends are welcomed along with any smooth uplifted flooring. This used flooring has to meet the demands of quality and condition, as contaminants such as old adhesive, screed, nails and surface deposits can render some waste flooring unsuitable for recycling.

At Harley Carpets, we are dedicated to ensuring that as little as possible of the flooring waste produced ends up as landfill, and as such we are delighted to support the Recofloor Vinyl Take-Back Scheme.

Green Solution to Flooring Waste, Carpets & Vinyl for Domestic, Commercial & Retail

As reputable carpet and flooring suppliers and fitters offering a nationwide service, we also carry out installations for many prominent commercial and retail clients. Substantial projects have included flooring for schools, hospitals, doctors, dentists, restaurants, shopping centres, nursing homes, airport lounges, private yachts and boats.

This activity results in lots of excess waste or uplifted flooring materials, which in the past would have been simply thrown away as there was no other option. This and other forms of recycling are helping to save energy, save money and save the planet.

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Recofloor Vinyl Take-Back Scheme, Recycled Vinyl Flooring, Eco Friendly Processing of Waste Materials. Collection of Unused or Uplifted Vinyl to Manufacture New Flooring and other Products. Green Solution to Flooring Waste, Carpets & Vinyl for Domestic, Commercial & Retail, Essex

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