Why Choose Amtico?

Why Choose Amtico?

High Quality LVT Flooring, Easy Clean, Versatile & Functional Stone, Marble & Wood Look Floors


Amtico floorNothing raises a home up several notches like its flooring! There are so many beautiful choices these days, you can find just about any look you desire. Of course it’s always best to get the highest quality you can afford, teamed with the most advantages. In the world of flooring Amtico LVT is one of the leading products, chosen by homeowners and interior designers alike. When you decide on Amtico, you will find a world of stunning choices in a variety of colours, effects, patterns and features.

There is no comparison between modern Luxury Vinyl Tile and the lino from yesteryear which was often an unattractive, but cheap option. Although as with most products it was a breakthrough when originally discovered. Englishman Frederick Walton was the father of linoleum which was created in 1855 and there is an interesting story there. Apparently, Frederick used linseed oil as a paint thinner, and one night he forgot to seal the container before retiring to bed. The result was a thick skin which formed on top of the liquid oil, which had to be peeled off. Curious about how this solidified layer might be used, he began to look at ways that this drying process could be speeded up.

It wasn’t long [four years to be exact] before Walton applied to patent his new product ‘Linoleum’. The name was made up of the Latin for flax [linum] and the Latin for oil [oleum], and once his manufacturing facility was established in 1864, he never looked back. Linoleum sky rocketed in popularity due to its versatility, and was exported throughout Europe and to the United States.

Scoot forward to the present day, and we have innovative products like Amtico LVT available from Harley Carpets, which is virtually indistinguishable from materials like stone or wood. Long lasting, soft, cushioned and quiet underfoot this flooring is exceptionally popular. Take a look at our extensive range of flooring featuring this gorgeous LVT



Affordable Luxury Vinyl Floor for Hallways, Bathrooms & Kitchens, Tough Damp Resistant LVT

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