6 Reasons It Has To Be Solid Wood Flooring

6 Reasons It Has To Be Solid Wood Flooring

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Natural flooring materials have really come into their own in the last few years, as people discover the experience of bringing nature into the home. This has a well known calming effect, and the subtle shades available can be complimented beautifully by more vibrant colours. Wood flooring along with natural fibre carpets such as coir and sisal tend not to trap and retain dust particles, pet hairs and other allergens.

Ever popular, solid hardwood flooring is always a great choice whatever your home improvement project. It is attractive, warm and sturdy, bringing with it a timeless, natural quality that other materials don’t always succeed at. If you are considering installing solid wood flooring here are a few of the advantages to help you decide.

1. Hassle free cleaning

Hardwood floors only require a minimum of cleaning, and will not accumulate debris and dust, unlike some flooring types. A weekly vacuum and mop will suffice to keep your wood flooring looking lovely.

2. Impressive aesthetics

The beauty of real wood is hard to beat, and when looked after properly, will always delight. These flooring choices tend to raise the profile of any space and add an illusion of spaciousness wherever applied.

3. Durability and strength

Hardwood floors which are kiln dried and finished to exacting standards are incredibly long lasting. They can withstand excessive amounts of heavy foot traffic without showing much wear and tear. In fact, any imperfections are simply seen as adding to their charm.

4. Home Investment

This type of flooring is classed as a long term investment, as prospective buyers will typically favour this type of flooring.

5. Acoustics

A hardwood floor that is properly installed will not produce hollow noise or vibrations, as the dense wood has a cushioning effect. It is easy to tell whether or not a floor is made from solid wood when it is walked upon.

6. Colours and stains

Solid wood floors come in a wide range of colours and stains, as well as a variety of grain types for an excellent choice.


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