Wood Flooring – More Choices

High Quality Range of Wooden Floors

Practical, beautiful and individual, our range of wood flooring comes from some of the biggest names in the business. This means a wide and varied choice of outstanding flooring solutions for our customers. XyloFlooring have been producing wood flooring for a decade, and have established a reputation for quality and affordability.

New collections of high quality engineered wood flooring are introduced into the XyloFlooring range annually which use the click or T&G system. There is a great choice of inspiring colours and textures with this graded flooring to compliment any interior. These tough, durable floors are ideal whether it’s in a domestic or busy commercial setting.

Warm & Earthy Timber Chosen by Architects & Designers

We have lived with wood since time began, and utilised it in a vast amount of ways due to it’s many qualities. An indispensable and irreplaceable material, timber is still loved by designers,architects and builders.

Wood has the ability to transform your living space and bestow it with a natural, elegant beauty unattainable with many other floor coverings. It’s long lasting character and versatility make it the perfect flooring material. Carefully and responsibly sourced and harvested wood from XyloFlooring brings the authentic touch of nature into your home. Wood floors can create just the right feel you want for your home whether it’s contemporary chic, exotic or rustic and cottagey. Shades available include rich chestnut browns to deep lush walnut each with a warm, earthy forest feel.

Stunning & Sustainable Oak & Walnut Floors

Almost unlimited options in wood flooring styles, sizes and finishes can be found at Harley Carpets within excellent ranges from manufacturers like XyloFlooring. Their exclusive collection comes from sustainable forests and features two main wood types. These are:-

Oak – Luscious and opulent oak is one of the finest, most desired woods around, loved for it’s
beauty and special properties. Hard, strong, solid and heavy, it will accentuate and elevate the design of any interior. The stunning golden shades and rustic feel will bring out the best in any contemporary or classic environment. Oak is also impervious to varying weather conditions, meaning no warping, adding to it’s appeal.

Walnut – Walnut is a dense wood that is excellent to work with, making it a favourite among craftsmen. It produces the highest quality flooring material, and has the most uniquely attractive swirling grain and texture. It has a palette that includes fresh light shades as well as hues of deep chocolate brown.

Low Maintenance, Practical Wood Flooring

Wood is a popular flooring material for those who suffer with allergies, as dust and creatures cannot hide on the smooth, hard surface. Flooring like the selection from Brookesfloor is no trouble to keep clean, and a quick brush or vacuum will do the trick. A damp mop will dispel any signs of mud from the kids shoes or the paws of your four legged friends. Timber flooring has a naturally pleasant aroma that will delight the senses, great when you wish
to sell your home too. Good quality wood flooring will last for decades, and is a viable option for those on quite a tight budget. Wood flooring from Brooksfloor consists of solid wood, multi-ply, engineered and wide plank. Come and see our exceptional range of wood flooring, you will be spoilt for choice.