Get Craftily Creative at Christmas

Get Craftily Creative at Christmas

Made to Measure Curtains, Blinds, Upholstery, Pelmets & Awnings, Brentwood, Essex

applewood-300x199Getting creative when decorating your home for the festive season can be a lot of fun and fantastic effects are simple and inexpensive to achieve. For instance you dont necessarily have to cover each room of the house in bright multi-coloured xmas decorations, just a little touch here and there can be far more effective. A beautifully decorated tree in maybe shades of one single colour like duck egg blue teamed with white, can be echoed throughout the home. Sophisticated and tasteful additions in the same colour theme will delight, such as placement of a Christmas candle on the coffee table, mantle or other surface, with a few small baubles arranged around it in duck egg blue, silver and white. Perhaps one or two small fluffy feathers and a sparkly snowflake decoration can be taken from the main tree and positioned as if they floated down to rest there. You can even involve the children in this design project allowing them to have fun and use their imagination.

Other stunning colour themes to focus on this season include pink and purple in a range of shades and textures. Hand made miniature Christmas trees in the same style as the main tree, set here and there will give your home that Christmasy feel without being too overpowering. Combinations like purple white and silver will give glorious results and you could add a hint of pale lilac for sumptuous luxury. Cushions, throws and curtain tie backs can display elements of the central theme, along with tassels hung where they will be noticed. Try experimenting with an assortment of objects in festive colours,and in a particular material such as glass. Vases, goblets and varyingly shaped bottles grouped together add interest to a table top, shelf or mantelpiece. A strikingly arranged vase of flowers and glittery Christmas embellishments surrounded by different sized candles will bring beauty and warmth to a hearth. Cinnamon or spiced apple scented candles give a real feel of Christmas when lit and their glow will bring a cheerful seasonal appeal.

If you prefer a more traditional look, choose items in shades of red with cranberry and poppy teamed with greens like, olive and holly bush. Wrap a selection of empty boxes of assorted sizes and shapes in unusual and spectacular flowery, polka dot, and striped papers and materials like tartan or taffeta, finish with huge bows and bells, and place together in an enticing pile.

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