Comfort, Warmth & Soundproofing – The Many Advantages of Carpeted Floors

Comfort, Warmth & Soundproofing – The Many Advantages of Carpeted Floors

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a national acrobat Helping customers to acquire the home of their dreams is something very close to our hearts here at Harley Carpets in Brentwood. We know that as trends change and fashions come and go, its wise to make sure that certain purchases will not only go the distance but will not look dated before their time. However often you wish to chop and change the design or style of your home, carpets and flooring are for most people a little more permanent. But luckily they can be chosen to perfectly compliment most looks, and a clean and shampoo may be all that is needed to freshen up your carpets, and leave them looking good as new.

Choosing a neutral colour like cream, beige or fawn will allow you to blend the latest looks with your existing décor, while retaining comfort and functionality. A good quality carpet will not only beautify a room, but will insulate, provide warmth and offer a feeling of luxury. You would be hard pushed to find many high end hotels that do not have carpeted floors. This is no coincidence as carpets are ideal for creating a welcoming atmosphere and the impression of cushioned bliss.

On a purely practical front, carpets will play a huge part in reducing slips and falls. Polished, hard floors may look stunning and sensational, but particularly where there are young children or elderly people they could present the risk of injury. Pets too, are famous for taking a corner too fast and skidding into the wall resulting in a perplexed pooch or muddled moggy.

Carpeting acts as sound proofing and is even a requirement in some types of living area, to limit nuisance to others within the same building. They absorb sound and reduce vibration, especially where high quality underlay is used. In addition, modern carpets are so advanced they are actually difficult to stain, making them easy to maintain.

If you love your wood, stone or ceramic flooring, but would like some of the advantages of carpet, you could opt for a ‘nearly rug’. Simply pick a piece of carpet to cover a large area of the room, and have the edges bound. This will serve as an attractive alternative to fitted carpet, and leave a pleasing border around the outside for an interesting dynamic.

Fabulous bedrooms can be dreamed up with gorgeous soft carpet which feels exquisite underfoot, along with breathtaking Kylie Minogue bed linen such as Petra, Eleanora, Ombre and Mezzano Praline. Add elegant matching drapes, also from Angelina’s Curtains & Bedding and voilà! This glamorous bedding range will bring celebrity status to your home at amazing discounted prices.

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