A More Luxurious Carpet with Quality Underlay

A More Luxurious Carpet with Quality Underlay

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Once you have chosen your new carpet or flooring, you will need to decide which underlay you require. People sometimes opt to skip buying underlay, for a number of reasons from wanting to save a few pounds to believing underlay makes no difference to your room. It is a mistake to underestimate the importance of underlay when purchasing a new carpet, and one which could cost extra in the long run. You may think there is no point replacing your existing underlay, as it still seems ok. But old underlay is prone to crumble and become thin and patchy, especially where there are high traffic areas. This can cause your lovely new carpet to look uneven or appear badly fitted or ridged, spoiling the effect significantly while reducing its life. It is also highly likely that dust and dirt are sitting within your old underlay, this will work its way free into your new flooring, ruining its pristine look. Old, used underlay offers substantially less protection to your carpet, from the impact of being walked across or bearing the weight of furniture. People sometimes mistakenly believe that their new carpet already has built-in underlay, however this will simply be a thin secondary backing, and not effective as underlay.

With a good quality underlay your new carpets will remain fresh and new for longer as they will receive the correct support for their structure.

New underlay has many benefits including:-

  • A more luxurious feel underfoot
  • Acts as a shock absorber and reduces carpet wear and tear
  • Reduces noise with both carpet and laminate
  • Provides greater insulation keeping your home energy efficient
  • Makes vacuum cleaning an easier smoother action
  • Comfort and superior protection for carpets

There are a variety of types of underlay which are best suited to specific areas of the home, depending on whether areas experience heavy or light traffic.

Harley Carpets in Brentwood, Essex, have a comprehensive range of quality underlay to perfectly harmonise with each carpet type. There are a wide choice of underlays from specialist underlay manufacturers like Duralay and Tredaire. These high performance underlays include sponge, rubber, foam and crumb rubber, polyurethane rebond underlay and high density PU foam, all extremely long lasting and fit for purpose. Harley Carpets also offer an excellent range of carpets, rugs and quality flooring products to domestic and commercial customers. Call us for more information on 01277 224015

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