8 Reasons to Sleep Well

8 Reasons to Sleep Well

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There are lots of reasons why your bed is a major factor in your health, and how inferior beds and mattresses can negatively impact both mind and body!

1. Sleep and Weight

One of the main risk factors for obesity is lack of sleep, as the hormones that regulate appetite are affected. Those who have adequate sleep have been shown to generally eat less calories.

2. Improved Concentration

Concentration and productivity are improved with regular healthy sleep patterns, as the brain is stimulated. Studies have shown that those who are deprived of the necessary hours of sleep suffer with poor cognition and performance. Sleeping for the correct time improves memory and problem solving skills.

3. Physical Performance

A study of athletes, indicated that longer sleep improves accuracy, speed, reaction times and mental wellbeing. Elderly women having less sleep experienced functional limitation including walking slower, less grip strength and difficulty performing activities.

4. Health Issues

The quality and duration of sleep can affect several aspects of health, as with issues like heart disease. Research found that those who usually get less than 7 to 8 hours sleep are at increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

5. Diabetes Links

Experiments were undertaken of young professional men which involved restricting sleep to four hours per night. After one week they showed signs of prediabetes, symptoms which resolved after just one week of longer sleep periods.

6. Depression and Poor Sleep

Depression is usually associated with lack of sleep or bad quality sleep, especially where insomnia or sleep apnea is present.

7. The Immune System

People who were given the cold virus in a study were three times more likely to develop a cold if they slept less than seven hours. Certain conditions that cause inflammation in the body are also affected negatively by lack of sleep.

8. Social Skills

Inadequate sleep is believed to have a negative effect on social interaction, and the ability to recognise emotional expressions in others.

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