Eco-Friendly Developments in the Motor Industry

Eco-Friendly Developments in the Motor Industry

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allied (2)The continual push within the motor industry to find a feasible solution to the question of vehicle carbon emissions is an ongoing concern in our society. Vehicles are a major source of CO2 emissions, yet are an intrinsic and necessary part of everyday life. A seemingly viable option is hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles [FCEV], which was looked at in a recent joint government-industry study. The study was commissioned to pinpoint and evaluate the advantages of FCEV, and in addition to assess what stage the UK is at with regards the introduction of FCEV. The interim report has indicated the possibility of over 1.5 million hydrogen powered vehicles driving on our roads by the year 2030.

The UKH2Mobility project produced the study, and have forecast that as these vehicles are manufactured and become more commonplace, they will be generally accepted and frequently chosen by the motoring public.

Prices are expected to be competitive once fuel network arrangements are matured. If this is the case with the resultant cost reductions, there is a high probability that the estimated figure could be approaching 1.6 million FCEVs on the roads by 2030.

This being the case, excitement is building based on hopes that the annual CO2 emissions figure could be reduced by three million tonnes by the year 2030. By replacing diesel vehicles with FCEVs it may be possible to save between £100 and £200 million per year in the cost of air quality damage caused by vehicle carbon emissions. A variety of manufacturing methods could also result in hydrogen competing with diesel, with a 60% cut in emissions by 2020 and 75% by 2030. Some theorise we could even see zero emissions by 2050, with FCEVs having a 30 to 50 percent share of the market.

Responsible motor industry operators such as car hire companies, consider playing their part in lowering CO2 emissions, a priority. Allied Self Drive Hire, Chelmsford, have a number of informative articles on this subject on their website. These cover things like the London Low Emissions Zone and the innovative AdBlu product. Allied Self Drive, Chelmsford ensure that their fleet of hire vehicles are maintained to the highest standards, and as most are only months old incorporate the latest in green technology. Allied have a range of cars, vans, trucks, minibuses and four wheel drives to fulfill every need, at competitive rates.

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