Red Carpet Service from a Family Business

Red Carpet Service from a Family Business

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With more than five decades in the carpet and flooring business, Harley Carpets know all of the advantages of having new carpets fitted, especially if you are trying to sell your home. There is nothing like the look and smell of a fresh new carpet, and if it is in a light colour for instance, people will know that their furniture is sure to match. Estate agents and other experts recommend ensuring there is a pleasant aroma of baking bread or coffee when people come to view your home, but a lovely new carpet really makes the ultimate difference. This effect is still around long after the smell of coffee and bread has faded. Smaller rooms can be carpeted using remnants too which can prove very economical.

Lighter coloured carpets are a good idea in general, even if you are not selling your home, as polypropylene yarns are resistant to bleach, meaning you can remove stains without fading the colour! These carpets also represent great value for money with pocket friendly prices. If spillages and staining are still a worry, we can offer carpets which come with stain warranties and ten year wear guarantees. Allergy shields are another option, making sure your family is fully protected from dust mites, mould, bacteria and fungi.

Harley Carpets have over the years picked up some useful tips when it comes to looking after carpets and keeping them as good as the day they were laid. Such as, we advise you to :-

Deal with any spillages as soon as they occur.
Use doormats near entrances and exits to reduce any soiling of carpets from shoes.
Take care when using any cleaning product, even when they claim to be safe for wool fibres.
Never use general household detergents for cleaning carpets, as they can sometimes cause re-occurrence of soiling or staining, colour bleed or other types of damage to carpets or carpet backing.

At Harley Carpets, we pride ourselves not only on the high quality of our carpets and flooring, but on our knowledge. We are always happy to help with any interior design flooring query, and our website has a very handy interactive tool for designing your own room.

If you would like to enquire about our services, flooring range, or need some advice please call 01277 224015.

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