Rug Doctor to the Rescue!

Rug Doctor to the Rescue!

Professional Carpet Cleaning System for Hire, 24 or 48 hour Rental at Competitive Rates

rug-docThe team at Harley Carpets hope our customers all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s Eve and are looking forward to a happy and prosperous new year. If you had any Christmas or New Year celebrations you could be wondering what to do about the gravy/xmas pud/wine/cranberry sauce [delete where appropriate], stains on your precious carpet. With the family, friends and excited children around accidents and spills are bound to happen, but don’t panic, we have collated a list of excellent fail-safe tips and cleaning advice to restore and keep your carpets looking pristine and beautiful! The list has simple instructions for stain removal, and includes wines, fats and anything else that may be enjoyed with Christmas dinner.

If you would like to consider another option and give your carpets a rejuvenating makeover, why not consider renting the amazing Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machine? This affordable system gives incredibly professional results and allows you the freedom to clean as many of your carpets as you please. There is no hassle or worry about preparing the room for the rushed hour or two a carpet cleaning company will be there. There is also no need to arrange for somebody to be home, you can clean whichever rooms you like, whenever you like and take as long as you wish. Added versatility means you can use Rug Doctor to clean mattresses, stairs and even the car upholstery.

Rug Doctor is available to hire from Harley Carpets for a 24 or 48 hour period at great rates, there is also a range of cleaning products designed to tackle specific types of stain. This popular professional home carpet cleaning system puts you in the driving seat.

Harley Carpets also offer quality flooring including, carpets, natural fibre carpets, vinyl flooring, laminate and many other products for domestic or commercial application.

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