Carpet Recycling & Vinyl Floor Disposal the Responsible Solution

Carpet Recycling & Vinyl Floor Disposal the Responsible Solution

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kenburn-recycling-620x330At Harley Carpets, there’s nothing we love more than helping customers to transform their homes by providing some of the highest quality carpets and flooring from some of the biggest names. However, what to do with the old unwanted carpets has always been a bit of a quandary until now. The word on everybody’s lips these days is ‘recycling’, with governments all over the world committed to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill sites.

Cardboard, glass, metal and some plastics can now be collected and used to produce useful items and materials, limiting the need for virgin resources which have to be gathered and processed. This conserves energy and reduces carbon emissions, overall making recycling an environmentally friendly system.

What do Elephants have to do with Carpet Recycling?

To get back to carpets and flooring, we are delighted to be able to contribute towards saving the planet in our own way. Our Kenburn Carpet Crusher allows us to offer our customers a fully rounded service, not only delivering beautiful carpets and vinyl flooring, but responsibly disposing of their old floor coverings. The positive impact of carpet recycling becomes apparent when you consider that in the UK, 400,000 tonnes of carpet waste ends up as landfill. This is equal in weight to 156.5 male Africa elephants per day! It is also possible in most cases to recycle unwanted vinyl flooring, 54,000 tonnes of which is also produced yearly in the UK. We also take advantage of the Recofloor Take-Back Scheme which converts waste vinyl flooring to produce plastic products for traffic management etc.

Kenburn Carpet Crusher

Harley Carpets have a huge customer base which creates a lot of waste carpet, so the baling machine we chose had to cope with many tonnes of waste carpet and packaging each year. Our carpet crusher means that we can dispose of our customers waste carpet and flooring responsibly and economically, conserving energy while reducing landfill. Worn and unwanted carpet once processed is an excellent source of fuel, ideal for use in place of coal, to power concrete kilns and run industrial plants. Carpet recycling is backed and supported by some of the biggest names in carpet and flooring manufacture, and we are proud to be part of this team effort.

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