Non Slip Flooring Ticks All The Boxes

Non Slip Flooring Ticks All The Boxes

High Performance, Non Slip Safety Flooring, Hygienic Easy Clean, Low Maintenance Floor Coverings


Any surface which may become wet, should be anti slip, certainly in public and work places and, as seen increasingly, in the home. Care homes and sheltered accommodation use safety flooring to protect those who are more vulnerable. Most housing associations now also take this common sense approach, installing non slip floor coverings in bathrooms, wet rooms and sometimes kitchens. Access areas, entrances, decking and fire escape steps can turn into hazards too when wet.

The workplace has typically been the place where prevention of slipping was a priority, along with areas like shops that the public regularly visit. Manufacturers of safety flooring have for some time produced non slip flooring products aimed at the domestic market. Home owners can buy the same grading and quality of flooring, often with a greater range of patterns and colours. They usually come in the form of sheets, tiles or a coating, suitable for any room size or shape. High performance flooring is a popular choice for designers and architects, as they know about the many benefits.

The home has a larger amount of slipping and tripping hazards than you would think, and accidents can occur frequently especially where there are kids or pets! But apart from being non slip, these flooring options come with other advantages. Designed to remain functional and attractive in the toughest of environments with excessive use, they can last for many years in the home. They can withstand extreme temperatures, impact, heavy foot traffic and in most cases will not rip or tear. In addition to all this, they are as in the case of Polysafe and Altro, a dream to clean. This is one reason that they are widely used in hospitals, commercial kitchens and leisure centres where thorough cleaning and proper hygiene are crucial. Why not have a home that is functional, safe and beautiful!


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