Plant Sourced Natural Carpets from

Plant Sourced Natural Carpets from

Our hand sourced Coir carpeting is incredibly popular with our discerning customers, as it reinforces the home’s individuality. It also reflects the current trend for natural flooring materials. Whether dyed, bleached or left in natural coconut shades, this material is exquisite when hand woven. Like similar flooring options, Coir is tough, and gives a hard wearing and stylish solution as a floor covering.

Sourced from the husk of the coconut, Coir has been used for centuries as material for carpets and is just one of a number of widely available natural products. The list includes Sisal, Jute and Seagrass, all offering their own unique advantages.

Durability, Warmth & Texture in Natural Fibres, Crucial Trading

Indian inner waterways and lakes such as Kerala are lined with coconut palms, which is where the husks are found. After being soaked in fresh sea water for months, they are beaten to ensure that the cellulose husk fibres are a little softer. The fibres are still pretty short and stiff, so are hand spun, resulting in a ‘yarn’ called Kayar. At this stage it can be used for doormats, sacks, rope and flooring.

The textured effects and warm looks achieved by Coir are not easy to imitate using synthetic modern materials. It can elevate the feel of any home and fit in wonderfully whether traditional, contemporary or rustic. Quality is perfectly demonstrated by Crucial Trading’s Coir range labelled Boucle Natural, Herringbone Natural and Panama Natural. Areas of high foot traffic, halls and stairways are excellent places for Coir carpeting. Although Coir is an excellent choice for many parts of the home, bedrooms and living rooms might benefit from a softer form of flooring.

Professional Carpet Installation, Alternative & Texture in Natural Fibres, Crucial Trading

To get the ultimate performance from this natural selection, seek the services of a professional flooring installer, such as Harley Carpets. This is the case with all types of natural flooring, as well as avoiding kitchens and bathrooms where excess moisture is likely to be present. An adhesive underlay is a good idea too, and makes the carpet easier to take up when required. The underlay will also serve to diminish any unevenness present in your floor. In addition, high quality underlay boosts heat retention, helping to lower bills and limits noise pollution.

Alternative Flooring state that their hearty and homely Coir range brings a sense of wellbeing when laid wall to wall. They also offer this beautiful flooring material as bespoke, tightly woven rugs with a choice of trims.

Low Maintenance, Insect Repellent Coir from Fibre Flooring

Some synthetic carpeting can contain chemicals to enhance colour and texture. These are not always the healthiest options, and can even reduce the durability of the flooring. Apart from it’s rustic charm, Coir is low maintenance, yet has gone through minimal processing, and is in fact resistant to insects like the carpet moth! This is due to it’s insect repellent natural oils inherent within the fibres.

Fibre Flooring of course include Coir in their gorgeous range of natural flooring, with choices like Coir Herringbone Natural. This flooring is naturally moth resistant and has a latex backing.

Crucial Trading, Alternative Flooring & Fibre Flooring Natural Carpet

The team at Harley Carpets are specialist installers of all types of natural flooring from the biggest names in the business. This includes Crucial Trading, Alternative Flooring and Fibre Flooring.