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Natural Fibre Flooring.

Gone are the days when consumers didn`t care what they covered their floors with as long as it was affordable. For today`s discerning homeowner, it is all about natural fibres.


Sisal – Popular, Versatile & Durable.

Sisal has long been the floor covering of choice in many countries and is now becoming increasingly popular in the UK. It is versatile, aesthetically pleasing and durable, making it perfect for most rooms in the home. Sisal comes from the leaves of the Agave Sisalana plant which is native to countries such as Brazil and China.

Sisal flooring is available in a vast array of styles, colours and finishes so you will find it easy to obtain the perfect complement for your decor. Sisal can be woven into different patterns creating some very different results and textures, so there really is something for every taste. It is attractive enough to use in the bedroom and hardwearing enough to use in areas with a lot of through traffic such as hallways and staircases. Although not generally recommended for bathrooms and kitchens, sisal is the perfect choice for the rest of the home.

Wool floor coverings are popular with homeowners for their warmth and luxurious feel. Excellent for bedrooms and living rooms in particular, wool floor coverings are soft and can be very decadent. Available in different pile lengths, wool carpets and rugs are very hardwearing and durable. It can be dyed just about any colour under the sun and can be patterned or plain.

The huge array of finishes and styles wool floor covering is available in means there is something to suit every home, from hardwearing short pile rugs to sumptuous, luxurious, long pile carpets.


Seagrass – Classic & Timeless Floor Covering.

Seagrass, as its name suggests, grows in saline water and is currently undergoing a huge surge in popularity. Although it has been woven into furniture for some time, seagrass is a relatively new addition to the flooring market. Attractive and hardwearing, seagrass is usually provided in its natural colour, making it a classic and timeless flooring choice as it won`t date or go out of fashion. Seagrass is woven to produce durable floor coverings and can be used in most areas of the home.

Seagrass is naturally stain resistant, making it a very popular choice in family homes.

Coir – Rustic, Natural Fibre Flooring.

Coir comes from coconut husks and has long been used in doormats and stiff brushes. Recently, it has become very popular as a floor covering. It is often dyed, but is also used in its natural shade or bleached a lighter shade of brown.

Coir is woven in different styles to produce a range of finishes, making it an attractive and versatile option for floor coverings. It is hardwearing and durable and suitable for most rooms in the home. As with most natural fibre floor coverings, however, it is not generally recommended for use in kitchens, bathrooms or anywhere else with high moisture levels. Coir flooring has a particularly timeless, rustic appeal and contrasts pleasingly with modern rugs and accessories.

Natural Fibre Flooring. Sisal, Popular, Versatile & Durable, Available in a Vast Array of Styles, Colours and Finishes. Wool, Warm, Long Lasting, Luxurious & Hardwearing, Seagrass, Popular, Classic & Timeless Floor Covering in Neutral Colours. Coir, Rustic, Natural Fibre Flooring.

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