Specialist Safety Flooring

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Specialist Safety Flooring

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Archaeologists maintain that flooring was used by prehistoric man as early as 6000 BC, in the form of twisted grass or hair to form weaved thread, or animal skins laid across the floor of caves. Hard flooring was represented in the Late Bronze Age by laying smooth pebbles in a configuration similar to mosaic.

We have come on a little since then, and in the present day we have a mind boggling array of carpets, vinyls and wood flooring options to choose from, which effortlessly blend beauty, luxury and ease of maintenance. Carpets and other types of flooring can now address just about every issue related to the functionality and appearance of floors.

One area of flooring which has benefited from exceptional innovation is safety flooring. This product is manufactured by names such as Polyflor and Altro Floor, and gives amazing performance in addition to it’s attractive modern designs.

In environments where there are frequently vulnerable visitors or residents, safety flooring is the ideal choice to avoid slips and falls. They are highly functional and the finished result looks astounding, giving a professional and positive impression to customers in places such as dental offices, retail establishments and business premises. A firm favourite with architects and interior designers, safety flooring comes in selections that include sparkle, or sparkle free, quartz crystal chipped and can even replicate the look of wood.

You will find safety flooring in hospitals, doctors surgeries, nursing homes and schools in London, Chigwell and Upminster. Anywhere that is likely to have wet floors resulting from spills, or with increased risk of slipping such as swimming pool areas and gyms should be fitted with safety flooring. Simple to clean, the absence of grout means that this vinyl flooring will not suffer from unsightly discolouration. Other advantages include comfort under foot and a low noise solution when walking or moving heavy objects. Polyflor and Altro flooring are extremely difficult to damage too either mechanically or with chemicals, so a long lasting and safe flooring solution is assured.

High Quality, Non Slip Safety Flooring for Nurseries, Care Homes, Doctors, Hospitals & Schools