Victoria Design

Victoria Design

Luxury Vinyl Tiles from Victoria Design Flooring

At Harley Carpets, we are committed to offering high performance floor coverings that will transform your home and provide years of beauty and comfort. Victoria Design Flooring is an excellent example of this, and we are delighted to bring their products to our discerning customers.

Why Choose Victoria Design Flooring?

This brand of flooring has a number of advantages which give it a definite edge compared to many other contenders. Every option within their range oozes quality and class in a functional and aesthetically pleasing package. When you choose from the Victoria Design Flooring collection for your home or office, you can be sure of ultimate customer satisfaction. Original collections feature Signature, Craftsman, Vintage Parquet, Italian, Autograph, Heritage and Timeless. The newest outstanding collections are Landscape and Aspect

Beautiful Results & Uncompromising Quality with Easy-Fit Click Systems

A perfect finish is assured to suit every need, with easy-fit click systems from Victoria Design Flooring. Their portfolio, available from Harley Carpets, includes an extensive range of stunning LVT, perfectly recreating the look of wood, laminate or stone. Whether you love a traditional feel or are consistently ‘on trend’ you won’t be disappointed. These luxury vinyl tiles come in a selection of gorgeous and inspirational colours and effects. A favourite thing to do lately is to mix wood and stone for a contemporary and chic statement.

Exquisite, practical and durable, Victoria Design Flooring LVT is simple to clean and maintain, and is extremely hard wearing. This is why this flooring is ideal for any setting, as it gives impressive performance in a domestic or commercial environment.

Tough Yet Sumptuous Underfoot

LVT solutions by Victoria Design Flooring represent a luxurious alternative to laminate, hardwood or stone. Vinyl has an advantage over these materials with unequalled softness and comfort that will make you want to kick your shoes off! These floor coverings are also a lot warmer, keeping your home snug in the winter months. Beautifully designed and highly flexible, yet exceptionally resistant to stains, dents, scratches, chipping or cracking.

Gentle on the Ear

These LVT flooring products absorb sound, creating a calm and peaceful space, during the hustle and bustle of daily life. This is due to the softly yielding texture of the flooring, which means that impact and footfall sound is absorbed and background noise is reduced.

Easy to Maintain LVT for Homes or Offices

Simple to clean and keep hygienic, this Luxury Vinyl Tile is waterproof, and great for just about any room in the house, especially kitchens, bathrooms, hallways or utility rooms. All it needs to stay fabulous is an occasional brush and mop, as there are no problems of harbouring dirt, grime or pests such as dust mites. This is not only practical for all members of the family, but particularly those with allergies. The popular slip resistant textured finish is also a big plus for those with elderly or tiny relatives.

Family friendly flooring options are what Harley Carpets are about, and we think you will love our Victoria Design Flooring range.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles from Victoria Design Flooring, Beautiful Results & Uncompromising Quality with Easy-Fit Click Systems. Sumptuous Underfoot Yet Tough, Quiet, Easy to Maintain LVT for Homes or Offices

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Our range of LVT includes the durable, high quality Victoria Design Flooring brand, Colours and Designs to suit all tastes.