Sisal Carpets

Unique Natural Sisal Flooring from Crucial Trading

This carpet fibre is extremely strong, long lasting and as with all of the natural range of carpets, definitely on trend! They bring a unique and exotic perspective to your home with their fashionable, practical and environmentally friendly edge. Perfect for many rooms throughout the home, the course nature of Sisal, originally used in the creation of strong twine provides grip on areas like stairs for non slip safety. This amazing carpet fabric is created from natural leaf fibre produced by the Agave Sisalana plant which grows in abundance in Brazil, East Africa and China.

The plant is a survivor, as it exists in very hot climates with little rainfall during the summer. It is stripped and dried for a period of 30 days, before being fashioned into beautiful flooring. Available in a range of stunning patterns and weaves, sophisticated Sisal is a heavy duty material and suitable for parts of the home that experience a lot of foot traffic.

Strong & Resilient Naturally Sourced Carpeting

We have specialist fitters to fit this type of flooring, and source our Sisal carpets and rugs from major names at the forefront of design flooring such as Crucial Trading. There are new collection choices like Sisal Aztec Maize with it’s durable thick panama weave, and the super strength Sisal Grand Herringbone Praline ideal for commercial use. Maintenance includes a dry cleaning compound and a vacuum as it’s best to avoid wetting this carpet.

The innovative Harmony range of Sisal floor coverings includes Boucle and Herringbone weaves in grainy naturals, neutral greys, cool blues and elegant creams. There are some bright and vibrant shades to consider too, with the Sisal Small Boucle Accents in scarlet. Boucle carpet has a timeless design and a sleek tight weave for today’s lifestyle.

Versatile Bespoke Carpets & Rugs at Alternative Flooring

We are also delighted to offer the exciting options available from Alternative Flooring, whose website suggests that you might want to surround yourself with hints of Goan beaches, monsoon grown grasses and coconut husks. Exquisite Sisal carpets from Alternative Flooring reflect style and taste, taking your home to another level.

This extensive range covers a vast amount of luxurious choices like Sisal Panama, Bubbleweave, Metallics, Basketweave, Big Basket, Herringbone, Hopscotch and Tweed. Whether you want a total floor covering solution or a bespoke rug, you will find something you love in this excellent range.

Stunning Shades & Intricate Weaves, from names like Fibre Flooring

Fibre Flooring are a popular choice too, with their creative approach and gorgeous natural Sisal products. Their Boucle carpets will leave you spoilt for choice with wonderfully descriptive names like Saffron, Cinnamon, Pepper and Liquorice. The Havana collection contains shades of Titanium, Slate and Clay, and other selections include Artemis, Atlas and Himalaya.

Each range has a unique intricate weave and fabulous shades to choose from, giving your home true individuality along with vintage chic.