Seagrass Natural Carpets

Sustainable & Versatile Seagrass Flooring by Crucial Trading

The seagrass plant grows in the shallow waters of coastal areas in several countries around the world, almost like submerged meadows! When it’s leaves are dried and spun into yarn, it can be used as the flooring cover known and loved by those with an eye for style. Not actually ‘grass’, the plant got it’s name from the shape of it’s leaves which are thick, flat, smooth and very grass like. Seagrass appears frequently where temperate growing conditions are right, allowing it to thrive.

The blades of grass actually have embedded air holes in them, and so historically were dried and used as insulation until the early 1900’s. This not only insulates but acts as an effective sound barrier! In coastal Europe, seagrass was commonly used to make thatched roofs also. Most seagrass used within the UK for flooring etc, is now sourced from paddy fields in China. This preserves and leaves undamaged, the naturally occurring coastal seagrass beds.

Natural Uncompromising Quality Carpets, Fibre Flooring

Latex is the preferred backing for seagrass carpets, delivering a totally natural and sustainable product. This perfectly suits those who wish to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. There is also no risk of perceived emissions from process chemicals, as with some man made flooring materials.

Along with the rest of our natural flooring range, there is an excellent choice here, with a variety of patterns and weaves including fine or coarse. This flooring comes in natural golden or green tinged hues and sits beautifully alongside any style of décor.

Stain Resistant & Durable Carpet Fibres from Alternative Flooring

A little extra thought and care is well worth it with seagrass flooring, as the rewards are significant. For instance, for the best performance from any natural flooring, avoid using it in bathrooms, kitchens or anywhere which has a high moisture content. Seagrass is rated as suitable for medium to heavy domestic use, and although durable can suffer damage from things like castors. However investing in a set of castor cups will help spread the weight of the castor and prevent sunken areas. Seagrass on stairs is also not a great idea, as it can be a little slippery in these places.

Seagrass provides some of the most stain resistant floor covering accents to be found, and dirt and debris is easily swept or vacuumed away. It is designed to withstand some of the heaviest foot traffic. Seagrass is even a good option where there are pets, as urine is not easily absorbed into it’s fibres.

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Seagrass has hypo-allergenic qualities so allergy sufferers are usually ok and reaction free around it. Unlike Sisal, Coir etc, it cannot be coloured due to it’s waxy nature, although some designers have got around this by weaving coloured strands of a natural material into the pattern. With this kind of biodegradable flooring, you can be sure that when it has lived out it’s life, it can be integrated back into the earth.

Whether it’s carpets or bespoke rugs you desire, our high quality Seagrass flooring comes from reputable names like Crucial Trading, Alternative Flooring and Fibre Flooring.