High Quality Traditionally Hand Woven Carpets, Carpeting Range in Natural Shades

The team at Harley Carpets are constantly on the lookout for new and interesting ways to excite our customers and bring additional choice to our range of carpets and flooring. Stunning carpets and rugs from Jacaranda offer unique character, superb qualities and lean towards natural elegance. Jacaranda source carpets which are created using traditional methods and fascinating labour intensive processes.

The Jacaranda range of hand-woven carpets start their journey on traditional wooden looms and are produced in the time honoured fashion. Created by skilled artisans each carpet is individually worked and finished to the highest standards. Rigorous quality control is also a firm requirement in the production of these superior carpets, ensuring extreme customer satisfaction as well as innovative and bespoke flooring. Whatever your taste you will love Jacaranda carpets and enjoy a sensory experience, with a selection of textures from sumptuously smooth velvets to striking bouclé and gentle stripes.

Wide Range of Quality Carpet Choices Hand or Machine Made Selections

With Jacaranda carpets from Harley, you will find plenty of choice, with a selection which includes machine woven carpets produced to the highest standards. Woven from pure New Zealand wool, Natural Weave Hexagon and Natural Square for instance are 97% recyclable, as they are backed with 97% natural latex and pure jute. This carpet range is registered with GUT, who are dedicated to awareness of the environment throughout the manufacture and life of home textiles.

As their appealing names suggest, the fine loop pile carpets provide beauty and sophistication for the modern home. They are also ideal for use with underfloor heating as their Tog rating is below 1. Jacaranda’s trademark natural colour palette is featured in their carpets, which represents a classic style, and they are woven on Wilton looms. The class 33 choices are excellent for heavier wear areas within the home, small offices or hotel bedrooms. Options from Jacaranda include Rampur and Simla Natural Weave Square and Natural Weave Hexagon.

Naturally Water & Stain Resistant and Flame Retardant Carpet Fibres

Jacaranda carpets are renowned for their gorgeous natural colour palette, resulting from the use of undyed natural wools. Sourced from a variety of locations around the world, these wools are skilfully processed to provide delightful shades and tones. Your Jacaranda carpet will blend wonderfully with any décor style or colour scheme, giving your home an exclusive edge. Hand made products have a slight sought after quirkiness which is not present in mass produced goods, although a more uniform effect is available with the Jacaranda machine made collection if preferred.

Good quality wool provides unequalled resilience and the ability to bounce back, it is also exceedingly resistant to water penetration and stains without the need for chemical barriers. Some of the other advantages to using natural wool is its flame retardant properties, and it is less likely to attract dust, dust mites and bacteria due to limited retention of static.

Beautiful Carpets with Reduced Environmental Impact & Ethical Production

The labour intensive techniques involved in the production of Jacaranda carpets, go a long way towards reducing the environmental impact sometimes exacerbated by the carpet and flooring industry. This is something very close to our hearts here at Harley Carpets, and we have invested heavily in a program of recycling our own carpets.

As if the look, feel and quality of wool, leather and silk, was not enough, customers purchasing from this carpet range can be sure that their carpets have been produced with consideration of ethical practices. All Jacaranda carpets are certified by International organisation GoodWeave, who work to ensure that carpet weaving communities around the world are monitored and supported.